Executive Washroom Suites

Executive Washroom Suites

Our executive washroom suites are available in Male, Female and combination suites

Female bathrooms include:

  • Lockable toilet cubicles
  • Hand wash basins

Male bathrooms include:

  • 3 urinals
  • Lockable toilet cubicle
  • 2 hand wash basins

All units include:

  • Lighting
  • Micro flush (saves on water)
  • Paper towelling
  • Built in waste provision

Optional extras:

  • Sanitary napkin disposal
  • Hand wash – liquid soap

Connects to:

  • Mains water pressure for fresh water
  • 15 amp power supply

Unit exteriors available in:

  • Custom Orb – Dune with grey trim
  • Timber Shadow Clad – Mission Brown/Blue

We provide a hygiene guarantee with all newly delivered suites to site

Call for a free quote 1300 132 731

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